SiteZone Safety wins Excellence in Innovation Awards 2019

Gary Escott May 15, 2019 10:59:00 AM

SiteZone Safety wins coveted innovation award thanks to its telematics system, OverSite, which records plant-personnel interaction data and can be viewed in real time to help improve safety benchmarking. 

The SiteZone team is delighted to be named a winner in the Letsrecycle Live - Excellence in Innovation Awards, 2019.  The awards, which are held in conjunction with the Letsrecycle Live trade show, seek out and acclaim innovation applied to products, services and technologies that affect the waste and resources sector positively. This year, SiteZone Safety will exhibit at Letsrecycle Live, featuring their successful SiteZone proximity warning system and associated portfolio of RFID (radio frequency identification) anti-collision installations and wearable technology.

SiteZone Safety has been named in a coveted top ten list of winners for 2019, securing their place, thanks to their telematic technology, OverSite.

OverSite, collects essential data from SiteZone in the event of a zone breach to help managers monitor and improve site anti-collision safety. Managers have full access to the Cloud-based system via their dedicated log-in, which enables them to view information such as the number of unauthorised entries into a safety zone and a real-time display of length of time spent within them.

Site and Health & Safety Managers can monitor site performance and if workers are following the requisite safety practices. Having access to such detailed data allows companies to monitor behavioural change relating to vehicle/equipment and personnel interaction on site. It also enables consistent monitoring of potential safety breach “hot spots” on a site where plant and personnel are often working in close proximity to help reduce risk of further incidents. 

A broader safety net can be cast company-wide as collision data collected by OverSite can assist in safety benchmarking, reaching all relevant workers, on every company site and depot.

Gary Escott, co-founder and Director of SiteZone Safety says: “ We’re so pleased to be named winners of the Letsrecycle Excellence in Innovation award. It says that the wider safety benefit implications of OverSite have been recognised and appreciated. The ability to collect relevant, real time data on safety behaviours means that habits can be changed. Health & safety managers can detect collision risk danger signs and provide all their active site employees with targeted training, and awareness to avoid being hit by vehicles at work.”