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SiteZone turns 10. 12,000 tags and counting.

Gary Escott Oct 14, 2019 10:45:00 AM

On the 14th of October 2019, SiteZone celebrates its 10th anniversary. What an exciting 10 years it has been for me and the SiteZone Safety team.

When we began our journey, as OnGrade, the development of SiteZone had just one primary goal: to prevent workers from getting accidentally run over by plant vehicles at work.  The original focus still stands, but along the way our aspirations grew. We wanted to make a system that could be adapted to as many scenarios as possible so it would become even more efficient, prevent more harm, save more lives.

With this in mind, the heart of developing SiteZone RFID proximity warning system became harnessing technology. This is indicated in the evolution of SiteZone into a suite of proximity warning products that reflect the various collision risk demands of our clients.

Now we have a suite of several products, inspired and derived from the original core offering of SiteZone. They have all been created by listening to our client's needs and adapting the technology to fit their respective site scenarios in terms of time, logistics, accident risk and safety (of course), equipment being used, workers’ needs and managers’ concerns. We are particularly proud of the flexibility of SiteZone proximity warning system and its inherent ability to be tailored to wherever the anti-collision safety need exists in a client’s business.

Apart from the technological evolution, there’s the cultural revolution we’ve experienced around implementing SiteZone products in varied applications. It’s not just about switching on a button, but so much more. It’s about cultivating relationships with our clients, taking their feedback onboard, encouraging new behaviours about collision mitigation among the workers who are most at risk, and putting all the new strategies in place. Only then does SiteZone really achieve optimal performance. It should complement and integrate with existing safety protocols, not replace them. It’s an enhancement that only works if it’s relevant to every key aspect on site, from people to plant.

Along the way we’ve had some great collaborations too. Our ongoing relationship with hire partners, ESS Safeforce ensures that SiteZone Safety products are accessible to all workers, and companies in high collision risk industries. The hiring model offers safety coverage, with technical support and at an affordable cost for smaller outfits. Everyone has a right to be safe while they’re doing their job – especially in high-risk industries.

Our technology partners have helped SiteZone to evolve in clever and creative ways: like Transmon’s development of the Slow and Stop feature for forklift trucks.  One of the major developments of course has been the OverSite telematics system which elevates SiteZone from a site warning system to an effective tool to help managers monitor and improve the plant-personnel interface on site.  Most recently we have introduced the patent pending SmartBubble concept, that uses a range of technologies to increase the efficacy of the SiteZone system on site.

 So now, we’re looking forward to the years ahead, to new partnerships, collaborations and technological developments. There’s more to be done, more lives to keep safe… and save. If it’s anything like the last 10 years, then we’re in for breakthroughs, making new friends, fun, steep learning curves and generally a sense of pride and fulfilment. 

SiteZone has made such a difference to so many working lives.  There are 12,000 SiteZone tags being worn by workers across the UK to date. We’re going to keep working towards the next 12,000 and beyond. 

Thanks to everyone who made this amazing journey with us so far, especially our dedicated SiteZone team who creates, develops and builds our technologies and key relationships.

Happy birthday SiteZone!