Don't skip the safety with brand new dumper advance

Gary Escott May 10, 2018 11:24:00 AM

A variant of the successful SiteZone system, Dumper Advance has been specially developed for use on forward tipping dumpers to meet anti-collision safety needs on working sites.

Proximity warning specialist SiteZone Safety has launched Dumper Advance to prevent collisions between forward tipping dumpers and site workers. Inspired by client feedback, Dumper Advance is a variant of SiteZone Safety’s original RFID proximity warning system, SiteZone. SiteZone is unaffected by external physical factors like mud and inclement environmental conditions. This differs from the current camera and ultrasonic proximity warning technology used on dumpers which is susceptible to inference from environmental factors.

It further improves on site dumper proximity detection zones by making allowances for a full skip when the dumper is in use. If there is a loaded skip (and even an overload or unlevel load), visibility in the front of the dumper is compromised. Furthermore, risk of collision with workers on foot is increased if the driver’s view is impeded.

Dumper Advance is robustly designed so it can be placed directly under the skip of the machine, using a discreet antenna device which allows for the creation of a larger detection zone at the front of the vehicle which is the major point of concern. The device is rugged and can handle whatever bumps and scrapes are subjected to the skip - a pivotal design challenge that SiteZone Safety had to overcome.

The Dumper Advance RFID antenna is fitted to the site dumper, while site workers wear RFID transponders fitted to their hard hats or sleeves. When a worker breaches the detection zone of a machine, both parties receive a warning. The worker’s tag vibrates, and the driver receives an audible alarm in the vehicle. A differentiating feature of Dumper Advance is that it only detects SiteZone transponders. Therefore, only workers wearing those transponders will trigger an alert; this differs from conventional ultrasonic versions currently used, which are not targeted and have more indiscriminate detection capability

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