Never too small to be safe - hire a proximity warning system

Gary Escott Jun 11, 2019 10:49:00 AM

To effect real change, you’ve got to influence across an audience spectrum – reach out and make things better for as many people as possible. The threat of collision between personnel and moving vehicles and plant remains a frightening risk across several sectors and so, SiteZone is still on a mission to reduce or even eliminate it.

The risk of work-related and work-transport collisions is high because there are many distractions that occur in a fixed space – noise, impaired visibility, spatial obstructions – all of which contribute to the danger. This is not confined to the operations of sprawling sites, run by large companies. Collision danger does not discriminate according to number of employees, your balance sheet or the size of your fleet.

So, what about the smaller businesses?  Can they get access to this kind of protection?  Well, I wanted to make sure that they can.

Protect your space easily

SiteZone, has already proved to be a game-changer in site safety practice as more businesses embrace the technology. Then we thought, we need to make sure that every site employee who works in a high-risk industry, facing collision danger on a daily basis, should be able to have access to PWS technology. This often means it’s the SMEs or the tiny contractors, who want to work safely, but don’t need to kit out a fleet of vehicles or an army of employees. So, what’s the best way to make the technology fully accessible and affordable for all site workers, SMEs and sole traders?

By following the hire model.

Unlike the large companies who can afford the outlay to buy the system for its fleet of vehicles and workers, the smaller businesses would struggle financially. Therefore, by collaborating with ESS Safeforce, SiteZone Safety made sure that anyone could rent the SiteZone system. By making it easy to acquire and use, every site worker and plant operator could protect their ‘bubble’ with RFID technology.

In this way, smaller businesses who are required to use the system on short-term contracts, can afford to outfit themselves with RFID safety systems as and when they need to, without having to purchase them.

More than safety, it’s health too

It’s important to remember that proximity warning systems make users feel secure. There’s even more reason to feel like someone’s got your back; renting the equipment comes with the added security of replacement, in the unlikely event that there’s a problem with the RFID system.  ESS Safeforce also work closely with us through their specialist support team that offers assistance to anyone renting SiteZone. This includes installation and instructive assistance; it’s a full and reassuring customer service package.

Safety at work shouldn’t be an expensive luxury and this is why, through our partnership with ESS Safeforce, there have been thousands of SiteZone installations. We are determined to change the face of site safety for the better in the long term. To do this takes collaboration and access to the resource, which is why hiring is the best solution to achieve our aim – safe working for everyone.