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Sunbelt Rentals drives safety onsite with SiteZone partnership

Sam Boshier May 26, 2022 1:42:44 PM
SiteZone available to hire from Sunbelt

Our SiteZone proximity warning systems are now available to hire from Sunbelt Rentals. As the UK’s leading provider of plant to pedestrian interface management systems, our systems are proven to reduce the risk of collisions. Over the past ten years we’ve issued 15,000 tags, protecting more than 150 million working hours and covering hundreds of sites.

The plant to pedestrian interface system can either be pre-installed on Sunbelt Rentals plant or hired for use on existing plant and equipment. Providing complete flexibility for major projects who have multiple delivery partners and for existing SiteZone customers. Sunbelt Rentals is developing a pricing model to ensure a consistent, simple configuration. This will support the integration of the system with existing site practices and training, ensuring effective use from the start of any hire.

Gary Ridsdale, Divisional Director of Safety and Communications said “We are really excited to roll out a proven safety technology to our customers. The addition of SiteZone to our rental fleet enhances its safety credentials and provides customers with an effective tool to manage the people plant interface onsite. And most importantly, with the monitoring of site data, can affect behavioural change so that their teams can continue to work in well managed, safe environments.”


For excavator installations, SiteZone will, as standard, include SmartBubble®, a patent-pending enhancement that improves the performance of the SiteZone proximity warning system by automatically reducing the size of the detection zone around a machine when the deadmans handle is engaged. This feature allows for authorised approaches alongside existing site safety protocols like ‘thumbs up’. This helps reinforce positive safety behaviour around mobile plant.


Gary Escott, Managing Director of SiteZone Safety commented, “By having the next generation of SiteZone systems go to market with the UK’s largest rental equipment provider gives our customers a choice on how they access our product. Sunbelt Rentals places safety at the centre of what they do which aligns with our ethos. We want everyone to go home safe every day in the industries that we serve. Our team has developed the SiteZone product into a smarter and more efficient system. The new proposition reflects this, providing a complete solution for any business that wants to take control of safety and the dynamics of people working in close proximity to vehicles.”

Sunbelt Rentals’ customers will also benefit from the newly designed base station which is easily configured in the field and supports both internal and external antenna for complete flexibility and multiple machine configurations. The new base station can also detect the external antenna for damage or communication issues, while a new LED provides visibility of the unit’s active status. It is telematics ready enabling customers to access OverSite, a bespoke telematics system developed by SiteZone.

OverSite allows users to remotely monitor the interaction between personnel and mobile plant across multiple site locations. This enables a proactive approach to manage safety by identifying those at risk, providing real-time interventions, identifying training needs, and highlighting high-risk areas. These actionable insights ensure that behavioural safety can be monitored and consistently improved.

To find out more take a look at their website and make an enquiry.