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Using data to enhance intuition

Sam Boshier Jun 9, 2022 11:35:56 AM
Using telematics data to improve site behaviours

We’ve been working with customers to make their sites safer with proximity warning systems for over 10 years. And as one of the first in our field to launch telematics over 6 years ago to support the product, we’re excited to see how this is now being maximised to make lasting improvements on site.

“Data is a tool for enhancing intuition.”

This quote came from Hilary Mason, a data scientist and we think it perfectly sums up the way our customers use telematics data.

You know your site, you know your organisation, and you know your safe systems of work. And you often know if there is an area of your site or an operation that is riskier than others. By monitoring how people are behaving around moving plant, where more zone breaches are happening, and by who, you can use this data to back up your intuition. This can then be used to get management buy-in, improve staff training, revise site layouts, and ultimately create a safer site and improved behaviours around mobile plant.

Our Oversite data platform uses telematics to give you location data, machine data, and person (tag) data. You can set it up to suit you, if that’s checking regularly yourself and drilling down into the granular level of detail or setting up automated reports, you decide.