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The construction site of 2030 and beyond – meet us at Futureworx

Sam Boshier Mar 22, 2022 1:38:52 PM
See SiteZone Safety at the Futureworx exhibition

The event season kicks off for us next week (30-31 March) as we attend our first event of the year - the brand new Futureworx. Organised by Plantworx and the Construction Equipment Association (CEA) the event ‘seeks to identify, demonstrate and discuss the technology and innovation that will drive sustainability and productivity on the construction site of 2030 and beyond.’

What’s the event all about?

The conference will focus on three main themes exploring the challenges and opportunities for the construction industry in:

  • Decarbonisation - the Net Zero challenge
  • Data - driving change and productivity
  • The human interface - with automation, autonomy and AI

It looks set to be a great event with the wide selection of speakers they’ve got on the line-up, plus support from National Highways and the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

We’ll be exhibiting with our technology partner GKD Technologies, showing how we’ve been delivering behavioural safety change, in partnership for 10 years.

Using data to change behaviours

We were one of the first proximity warning system (PWS) suppliers to introduce data analysis via our Oversite telematics platform launched in 2016. And during this time we’ve helped customers use their data to make changes to site layout, job roles, and working practices to ensure lasting safety improvements onsite. Working with GKD Technologies we’ll be presenting a new data platform at Futureworx that enables you to delve even deeper into the analytics and see how people are behaving on your site when working around moving plant.

Combining the human interface with automation

The People part of the People Plant Interface is the most important. Our products have always been designed to work with people and existing safety practices to support driver and pedestrian awareness around plant machinery.

A new development we launched in 2020 works with the machine’s functions on excavators. The patent-pending SmartBubble advancement automates authorised approaches to plant vehicles when they are in a ‘safe state’ without triggering workers’ SiteZone PWS tags and system alarms. It reduces potential “nuisance alarms”, reduces downtime, and simplifies how the operator uses the SiteZone system. It also works in conjunction with existing safety protocols, like ‘thumbs up’ and helps reinforce positive safety behaviour around mobile plant.  

All new excavator systems supplied by SiteZone Safety will have SmartBubble’s Deadman’s Handle (DMH) option installed as a standard safety feature. SiteZone is the only proximity warning system (PWS) available with this patent-pending technology, making it a unique safety offering for high-risk sectors.

We look forward to welcoming you to the show next week and sharing ideas about new advancements that are supporting the safe construction site of the future. Get your free tickets here.