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The latest figures for workplace fatalities caused by moving vehicles

HSE 2021-2022 workplace fatality figures published

Last week [6th July 2022], the HSE published its annual figures for workplace fatalities. While the number has reduced slightly from the previous year, it’s in line with..

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See SiteZone Safety at the Futureworx exhibition

The construction site of 2030 and beyond – meet us at Futureworx

The event season kicks off for us next week (30-31 March) as we attend our first event of the year - the brand new Futureworx. Organised by Plantworx and the Construction..

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Managing People Plant Interface with Costain and National Highways

Proximity Warning System used by Costain on National Highways project

As part of Highways England Regional Development Program, the A30 project has been identified as a road of strategic importance within Cornwall that provides a vital road..

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Keeping you safe with proximity warning systems

Occupational safety belongs to everyone

This month in the safety realm, we mark the World Day for Safety at Work on 28th April. Coincidentally, it’s also Worker Memorial Day.

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SmartBubble installed as standard on all excavator systems

SiteZone Safety, will supply their patent-pending SmartBubble upgrade option on all excavator proximity warning systems

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Using data to change behaviour on-site

How proximity warning has changed in recent years

Learning on the evolution trail 2020 is still relatively new and I’m thinking about change and times ahead.  I’ve also been considering the lifespan of SiteZone proximity warning..

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All about SmartBubble – SiteZone grows up

Bubble evolution When we first started the SiteZone journey, we also launched an accompanying safety campaign called ‘Don’t burst the bubble’ (DBB).  It was designed to inform..

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Adapting proximity warning systems to your site

One size doesn’t fit all - adaptable technology

Listen and learn I believe that success with service or product  provision is to give the customer what they need to help run a successful business, and show them how it works..

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The flexibility of RFID Anti-Collision systems

Gary Escott, Director of SiteZone Safety, discusses the benefits of using an RFID proximity warning system that works in tandem with existing safety protocols, not apart from..

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