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Proximity Warning in an iNstant

Sam Boshier May 28, 2024 11:30:00 AM
Create an iNstant exclusion zone for any vehicle.

Reducing the risks of plant pedestrian collisions is the main goal of SiteZone Safety. And to support our customers we've extended our range to include a portable, battery powered proximity warning system.

The new product has been developed in response to demand from customers for creating an instant exclusion zone for temporary, short term hired, and oncoming vehicles to many sites.

Gary Escott, Managing Director for SiteZone Safety, commented,

"Many of our customers don’t allow plant to operate on site without a proximity warning system fitted. With the new iNstant, they can now use a temporary proximity warning system to avoid machine downtime on site and ensure all vehicles onsite are covered.”

The iNstant includes an audible alarm and flashing LED warning when a tag is detected. Lasting for up to 14 hours from a single charge at typical usage it can cover an item of plant for a full shift, or multiple vehicles throughout a day.

Gary added,

“Another risk, particularly for waste and recycling sites is oncoming vehicles such as HGVs, contractors, and pickup trucks. There have been several fatalities in recent years involving these types of vehicles. With the iNstant you can fit a temporary proximity warning system at the weighbridge when they enter the site to reduce the risk of a pedestrian collision.”

The iNstant is simple to use, easily mountable to any vehicle, and compatible with SiteZone tags, so you can integrate it into your existing plant pedestrian safety procedures.


Where does the iNstant help you?

  • Backup to you existing system – ensure there is no machine downtime on your site
  • Temporary/hired plant – use your plant straight away
  • Contractors – cover external organisations working on your site
  • Oncoming vehicles such as HGVs, pickup trucks,
  • MEWPS – create an exclusion zone around the base of the MEWP
  • Static exclusion zones around pylons or drop zones.




Gary concluded,

“Whilst we prefer to have permanent installations for your site vehicles that are in constant long-term use, the addition of the iNstant gives our customers another option, particularly when temporary vehicles and oncoming vehicles are commonly used and pose a risk to your staff working on site.”


Talk to us about the iNstant today.