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Latest News: SiteZone iNstant

Create an iNstant exclusion zone for any vehicle.

Proximity Warning in an iNstant

Reducing the risks of plant pedestrian collisions is the main goal of SiteZone Safety. And to support our customers we've extended our range to include a portable, battery powered..

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SiteZone iNstant for MEWPS and transient vehicles

When anti-collision means avoiding static objects and areas

Danger that doesn’t move Our safety focus has always been on preventing collisions between workers and plant vehicles. Construction sites and depots can be very dangerous places..

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Sharing is growing - learning from each other’s safety technology

There’s no price big enough to put on a life. It may sound a little dramatic to say so, but as a someone involved in safety for over 20 years I’ve seen the devastation that..

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Are we on message with collision prevention?

There are a lot of voices out there talking about work related safety. There are, of course, the ‘hot spot’ industries for which worker safety and injury prevention are a high..

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The flexibility of RFID Anti-Collision systems

Gary Escott, Director of SiteZone Safety, discusses the benefits of using an RFID proximity warning system that works in tandem with existing safety protocols, not apart from..

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