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Latest News: Data & Performance (2)

The latest figures for workplace fatalities caused by moving vehicles

HSE 2021-2022 workplace fatality figures published

Last week [6th July 2022], the HSE published its annual figures for workplace fatalities. While the number has reduced slightly from the previous year, it’s in line with..

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Using telematics data to improve site behaviours

Using data to enhance intuition

We’ve been working with customers to make their sites safer with proximity warning systems for over 10 years. And as one of the first in our field to launch telematics over 6..

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SiteZone available to hire from Sunbelt

Sunbelt Rentals drives safety onsite with SiteZone partnership

Our SiteZone proximity warning systems are now available to hire from Sunbelt Rentals. As the UK’s leading provider of plant to pedestrian interface management systems, our..

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One less thing to worry about

Mental health has been at the forefront of everyone’s mind over the last year. In May 2021, the theme for Mental Health Awareness Week was to get out of the four walls, and into..

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Using data to change behaviour on-site

How proximity warning has changed in recent years

Learning on the evolution trail 2020 is still relatively new and I’m thinking about change and times ahead. I’ve also been considering the lifespan of SiteZone proximity warning..

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SiteZone Safety wins Excellence in Innovation Awards 2019

SiteZone Safety wins coveted innovation award thanks to its telematics system, OverSite, which records plant-personnel interaction data and can be viewed in real time to help..

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The unhealthy side of collision risks

The relationship between feeling good and working well I have no doubt that there’s a strong correlation between your health and how you work. Especially when it comes to mental..

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Sharing is growing - learning from each other’s safety technology

There’s no price big enough to put on a life. It may sound a little dramatic to say so, but as a someone involved in safety for over 20 years I’ve seen the devastation that..

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Fostering a culture of awareness about anti-collision safety

Any industry in which workplace transport plays a significant role is fraught with dangers. The mix of the human element with vehicles and machinery makes it so. For example, the..

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