HSE 2021-2022 workplace fatality figures published

Gary Escott Jul 11, 2022 10:42:47 AM
The latest figures for workplace fatalities caused by moving vehicles

Last week [6th July 2022], the HSE published its annual figures for workplace fatalities. While the number has reduced slightly from the previous year, it’s in line with pre-pandemic figures and has remained broadly flat over the last few years. We want everyone to go home safe every day, so we must never get complacent when it comes to workplace safety.

Being struck by a moving vehicle remains the second most common cause of fatal injuries (23 people in 2021-2022) and the construction sector continues to be the industry with the highest deaths.

The timing of these figures being published has coincided with an incident that happened locally to our head office in Ferndown, Dorset this week where a worker died when he was struck by a lorry carrying out resurfacing work

Every story like this is a tragic reminder of the importance of taking workplace safety seriously. I care about the lives of every single person we help protect with our proximity warning systems. And this was my motivation behind setting this business up over 10 years ago.

We now work with many companies across a range of sectors, including the construction industry. We support our customers on their health and safety goals of ‘zero harm’ by helping them to manage the plant-people interface and ensure workers are aware of and protected from the risks of moving vehicles.

We can’t rest until the figure is at zero. And even then, safety is always about continuous improvement and reinforcement of good practices and behaviour as well as providing workers with the tools, training, and safe environments to carry out their work safely.

You can download the full report from the HSE here.