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Read our latest news about proximity warning systems and how they're helping to change behaviour on sites across the UK.

One less thing to worry about

Mental health has been at the forefront of everyone’s mind over the last year. In May 2021, the theme for Mental Health Awareness Week was to get out of the four walls, and into..

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Keeping you safe with proximity warning systems

Occupational safety belongs to everyone

This month in the safety realm, we mark the World Day for Safety at Work on 28th April. Coincidentally, it’s also Worker Memorial Day.

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Occupational safety in 2021

What will occupational safety focus on in 2021?

This time last year, we had just embarked on our first lockdown.  There was some alarm about it, but everyone rallied to the cry. However, we had no idea how serious things would..

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SmartBubble installed as standard on all excavator systems

SiteZone Safety, will supply their patent-pending SmartBubble upgrade option on all excavator proximity warning systems

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SiteZone base station being installed

JOB POST - Production Technician

SiteZone Safety is looking for a Production Technician/Stores Controller to undertake general assembly, test and repair duties on the SiteZone Safety product range and be..

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The SiteZone tag

JOB POST - Sales Executive

OnGrade is a market-leading supplier of innovative safety technology under our SiteZone Safety brand.  The company operates across a range of industries including the Waste..

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Training the proximity warning system on the National Highways A30 project

Technology & training - key to occupational safety in 2021

I was pleased to see that among the most popular safety trends forecast for 2021 is wearable technology. Speaking from my own experience as a supplier of wearable safety tech,..

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Personnel Distancing Systems for social distancing

2021. Proceed with hope, optimism, 2m apart & mask at the ready

COVID-19 has bid us a happy new year by staying close – far too close to us.  We are back in lockdown, and the infection numbers are through the roof – what a sobering thud back..

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Managing through Covid pandemic

2020, the year that changed all the rules

As we approach the end of 2020, one might well breathe a long sigh of relief while waving farewell to this very strange and tough year. All over the world our lives changed in..

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