Latest News: SiteZone Proximity Warning System (3)

Personnel Distancing Systems for social distancing

2021. Proceed with hope, optimism, 2m apart & mask at the ready

COVID-19 has bid us a happy new year by staying close – far too close to us.  We are back in lockdown, and the infection numbers are through the roof – what a sobering thud back..

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Using data to change behaviour on-site

How proximity warning has changed in recent years

Learning on the evolution trail 2020 is still relatively new and I’m thinking about change and times ahead.  I’ve also been considering the lifespan of SiteZone proximity warning..

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SiteZone safety respond to HSE announcement

Stress at work to be ‘inspectable’

I was heartened to hear that stress at work is going to be 'inspected' by the Health & Safety Executive under new criteria set out by their Management Standards.   I’ve broached..

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SiteZone SmartBubble and onboard weighing

A look back at 2019 - SiteZone grew up and got smart

What a year it’s been here in the UK. No matter what industry you’re in, the general climate has been full of ups and downs. Brexit continues to raise questions and causes..

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Safety is a key concern for SiteZone

We cannot drop our guard on safety

This summer, the latest statistics from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) on workplace fatalities were released for 2018/2019. While we have had a lot to be heartened about in..

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The brand value of good safety

I’d like to consider for a moment the good business sense of sound safety practice.  We are very proud of our own product, SiteZone - its performance, and the difference it makes..

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Never too small to be safe - hire a proximity warning system

To effect real change, you’ve got to influence across an audience spectrum – reach out and make things better for as many people as possible. The threat of collision between..

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All about SmartBubble – SiteZone grows up

Bubble evolution When we first started the SiteZone journey, we also launched an accompanying safety campaign called ‘Don’t burst the bubble’ (DBB).  It was designed to inform..

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Sitezone Newsletter 2019 - The stats

10,000 tags in the field 75 million man hours worked 500 SiteZone systems are now available for hire* * From ESS Safeforce

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