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Read our latest news about proximity warning systems and how they're helping to change behaviour on sites across the UK.

How to get the best out of a proximity warning system

The dos and don’ts of using proximity alarm systems

Gary Escott, Director of SiteZone Safety, explains how to get the best out of a proximity warning system for optimised effectiveness in keeping workers safe from vehicle collision..

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Improving anti-collision safety practices to improve employees' work-related health

When poor safety affects mental health

By improving anti-collision safety practices, employees work-related health can improve for the better.

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Adapting proximity warning systems to your site

One size doesn’t fit all - adaptable technology

Listen and learn I believe that success with service or product  provision is to give the customer what they need to help run a successful business, and show them how it works..

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Proximity warning systems working with existing safety protocols

Complementary safety technology that doesn’t re-write the handbook

The SiteZone proximity warning system (PWS), was never intended to replace existing safety protocols or methodology.  It was supposed to be an addition – a complementary system to..

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The unhealthy side of collision risks

The relationship between feeling good and working well I have no doubt that there’s a strong correlation between your health and how you work. Especially when it comes to mental..

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SiteZone Safety welcomes new team member

Proximity warning specialist SiteZone Safety hires new business development executive as the business plans next phase of growth.

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SiteZone iNstant for MEWPS and transient vehicles

When anti-collision means avoiding static objects and areas

Danger that doesn’t move Our safety focus has always been on preventing collisions between workers and plant vehicles. Construction sites and depots can be very dangerous places..

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What plant operators like most about RFID proximity warning systems.

For us to develop and continue to refine SiteZone technology and its application, the most vital elements of our informed decision-making comes from users. We listen to the..

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Sharing is growing - learning from each other’s safety technology

There’s no price big enough to put on a life.  It may sound a little dramatic to say so, but as a someone involved in safety  for over 20 years I’ve seen the devastation that..

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